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Are you tired of paying for expensive marketing

or shared leads with no results?

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

They told you- you need to spend $5,000 to $10,000 to set up a marketing platform for your business and then you need to spend $1,000, 2,000 – $5,000 every month just to keep it all running? Then they told you it would take 4-6 months to see any results!

Are you tired of not having a steady flow of fresh qualified leads and new customers?

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We Grow Your Business With 2 Simple Options

Option 1:

#1 In Google Search Results

Grow your business by appearing in the #1 spot on Google search results for

100+ Key Words. Here’s how we do it…

First Page Results On Google

SEO 2.0

We release quality content marketing that puts your business on the first page of Google for 100s of key words

Positive Feedback

5 Star Reviews

Google gives preference to 5 Star Reviews our system automates your public positive reviews and top ranking on Google map results.

Measurable Results

Google Traffic Report

We utilize Google’s powerful Analytics software and reporting tools, providing the reports to track your online growth.

Option 2:

Purchase Exclusive Leads

Grow your business with exclusive leads we send right to your inbox.

Here’s how we do it…

Lead Pages

Designed To Connect

We have custom lead pages already ranked #1 in Google. These pages are designed to attract your ideal customers and secure exclusive leads for your business.

Automated System

Email Followup

The leads come right to your inbox. Then our team of pros develop custom followup emails that connect your new exclusive leads to your business with email automation followup!

Never Miss An Opportunity

Lead Tracking

Our integrated lead tracking software creates a seamless follow up process where you can track what happens with each lead and ensure excellence in service before, during, and after the sale.

What Makes Our Leads Different?

Traditional Marketing = HUGE Set Up fee then $800-$1200 or more per month. Then they start trying to rank your business for 10 or 20 SEO key words.

6 months later you have spent $3,500 – $6,500 and

you finally start showing up in search results for a few key words.

Launch Marketing Hub = Results!

#1 Google results for 100’s of key words

Connect new leads to your business

Automate followup

Get 5 Star reviews on automation

SEO + Web Leads + Automation = Guaranteed Results!

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What Others Are Saying About SEO 2.0 Traffic

My website wasn’t producing leads when we launched our project. Within weeks we are seeing first page Google results and seeing leads that are starting to convert to paying customers! So amazing to finally get results from my marketing efforts!”


Life Coach

“I was spending about $1,600 per month on SEO and leads and closing 2-3 jobs per month while ranking in the top 3 on 7 key words. Now I rank in the top 3 for over 100 key words. Best of all my cost per lead closed has dropped by hundreds of dollars.”


Flooring Company

“I was ranking for 10-20 key words on SEO. Then I found SEO 2.0 and Launch Marketing Hub. They had me ranking for over 100 key words in weeks! Best of all I’m saving hundreds per month on marketing because I have so much new traffic and a new website! “


Janitorial Service

Feedback From Leads On Automation &

The DesignLoyal Website Platform

Leads On Automation

Stop dumping money into a marketing plan that doesn’t generate leads, instead launch…

Leads On Automation!

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Professional website upgrade, designed to create leads on automation! – Value $1298

90 Day Strategy training to 10X your business growth – Value $497

Appointment booking software with automated email/SMS followup! – Value $226 (annually)

Grow Your Business With Support – $1,088 Monthly Value

First page Google search results = more website traffic and more leads! – Value $597 monthly

5 Star Reviews system that automates positive public reviews! – Value $197 monthly

Website leads system that captures traffic and with your leads funnel – Value $197 monthly

Email marketing software designed to automate lead follow up – Value $97 monthly

Masterminds “Growth Group”, support for small business owners – Value $197 monthly

SEO + Web Leads + Automation = Guaranteed Results!

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$2021 In Savings To Launch Your Business Into 2021

Leads On Automation Website Upgrade

$1298 Value

Turn your online platform into a lead generation machine with our Blueprint to Driving Traffic using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Paid Ads, and Social Media.

90 Day Strategy – 10X Your Business

$497 Value

You don’t have to do it alone! We make it easy to connect with advanced training. Giving you the right tools and systems to ensure you reach the next level in business growth.

Appointment Booking Software

$226 Annual Value

No more back and forth trying to secure a meeting… Secure your online or in-person meetings with an easy to implement appointment application.

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What happens when your business is on

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